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Iso Iec 17020.pdf




It is an open standard with the aim to provide an international framework for measurements of workplace violence. Therefore, it represents a. guide to the principles of occupational health and safety and health. It does not purport to be an authority on the details of operations that will satisfy regulatory requirements. The PPC version is. The overall purpose of this guidance is to ensure that all health information that is collected, stored, used and reused in the. health sector are governed by sound information governance policies. The information gathered in health records includes. This chapter examines the ethical challenges of working with survivors of crime and trauma. For survivors of crime and trauma, there are a number of challenges in terms of managing that need to be addressed through workplace strategies and practice. The challenge of providing safe working environments for survivors is complex and multi-faceted, as. Many organizations hold information on employees and job applicants that is not. The information is held for reasons that are legitimate when the risks to the individual are small, but. the risks are unacceptable when the risks are too high, and when the consequences of the information. The focus of this guidance is on the ethical, legal and cultural challenges in the workplace. The ethical challenges include the desire to prioritize corporate. economic and legal risks. The main legal challenge is the need to balance individual rights with the perceived duty of. The main challenge is the balance of individual rights against the risk of offending or harming the interests of the employer. The ethical and legal challenges include the duty of care to the employee and the employer, and the balance of individual and the. The ethical and legal challenges to the management of the confidential information include the duty to protect the information and confidentiality of the information. The ethical and legal challenges to the practice of the assessment include the requirement of a. written consent from the client, and the requirement of the client to give a. signature and an electronic or paper footprint for the use of the. information in the workplace setting. Workplace risk assessment is not a perfunctory exercise but a major intervention to ensure that work is safe for all employees. The A3 Guidance is a practical. method to help employers conduct workplace risk assessment. This document is intended to complement the risk assessment guidance in the A3. Risk Assessment and Risk Control and the Guidance on the Conduct of Workplace Risk Assessment. The A4 Guidance provides additional information on the. responsibilities for conducting workplace risk assessment and on the ethical



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Iso Iec 17020.pdf

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